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Not Afraid To Smile  by SasonyaWolf Not Afraid To Smile :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 5 1 I did a dragon by SasonyaWolf I did a dragon :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 5 8 Bad Things Happen Only When U Dont See  by SasonyaWolf Bad Things Happen Only When U Dont See :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 1 2 Sushi by SasonyaWolf Sushi :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 4 0 This Worlds Greatist Moments  by SasonyaWolf This Worlds Greatist Moments :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 3 0 2worlds collide by SasonyaWolf 2worlds collide :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 8 2 not all wounds heal by SasonyaWolf not all wounds heal :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 1 0 How Do I Look  by SasonyaWolf How Do I Look :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 3 2 Hungry by SasonyaWolf Hungry :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 2 0 Sink by SasonyaWolf Sink :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 3 4 Space Cat  by SasonyaWolf Space Cat :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 2 2 Hurt by SasonyaWolf Hurt :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 10 0 I got horns by SasonyaWolf I got horns :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 6 0 character for sale by SasonyaWolf character for sale :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 2 0 Yay Randomness by SasonyaWolf Yay Randomness :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 3 4 creepeR by SasonyaWolf creepeR :iconsasonyawolf:SasonyaWolf 2 0


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Not Afraid To Smile
lol this was going to just be cute but then i got dark with it hear the sad dark very of you are my suns shine lol that was great was going to add blood but decided not but im happy with it :D
Bad Things Happen Only When U Dont See
I know crappy title and decoy don't I don't know what the hell o drew all I know is I couldn't stop messing with it
But there it's done XD
Art trade for friend who's no longer on DA, I still talk to her lol she just doesn't like DA anymore X3 but any way her oc sushi I had fun drawing them X3
This Worlds Greatist Moments
ok ok im done XDDDD i couldnt stop playing with that brush tool i found hahaha but yay fun moments 
bad at titles but here you go i think i did well X3
Lol sorry for the alarming title but thats literally how I feel but ok straight to the point
(This is going to start out as a bit of a long explanation so if u wanna cut to the chase to the story I'll have this **** to show where my story summary begins )

I wanna write a yugioh fanfic and I like to write story's that's start out happy then In the middle make it anxiety and sad
then end it on a happy note
if not, go straight into the anxiety/ depression and have the main character suffer right until the end but this story, they story I'm thinking of writing  
It makes me wanna cringe but at the same time I wanna shot for it and see how it turns out

I wanna know if anyone would actually read it or would wanna read so Plzs let me know
But alright I'll stop yapping and explain my story
But first just to inform u (this is important) in middle school I wrote a fanfic about yugioh with my own oc involved
they oc was a white wolf named akira that was supposedly Yugi's guardian. (Born where then tomb gaurdians were like marik) she was Created to help and support yugi to help him help return the pharaoh home (yeah I know it sounds bad but geez it was my first fanfic and I was in middle school. the years where start creative writing so don't make fun of me Plzs lol)

anyway I never finished the story but it's still in my fanfic account XD if u are interesting which I doubt u are
But u can just note Me or comment under and I'll send u a link, Lmao

But yeah the story I wanna write -
(I'm not going to actually add this part in they story well maybe but) yugi has been having dreams of this white dog in his life as if it was an old friend to him, they were good dreams but yugi never knew who the white dog was
(That part will be a quick introduction into the story but I'm going to make it like "this is how it could have been or it's a seep of a another dimension crossing into his, just something that happened else were but just not here. Do u follow lol?)
Anyway (I'll say it as many times as necessary)
One day walking home from school yugi pondering over his dreams he sees these kids acting weird off to the side in an ally to learn there  beating up this dog with a rock, basically bashing its head over and over, this small defenseless white puppy!
Yugi shouts at them to stop, the run for it  and toss the rock off to the side
It's cover in blood; yugi rushes over to the pup as it's lying on its side whimpering
Yugi immediately noticed It looked like the dog yugi has been dreaming about and he also noticed her wearing a collar. Her tag reads only her name Amira (which cause yugi to wince as he remembers the name from his dreams as well)
the color and tag are Covered in blood, blood stains all over the pups body
The wounds still bleeding of course as Amira's white fur is consumed In red/pink
The dog still breathing
Just Barely and she's hardly moving, the small figure loosing lots of blood by the second so
Yugi picks up The dog and heads to the vet which happens to lead near home but on the way she dies before yugi could even passes his house (the dog gives yugi a friendly lick before passing away just a btw) . Yugi cries of course as he decides to just go straight home with the dead dog to meet grandpa and yami' worried expressions
They bury the dog in the back yard with the name akira carved into a small tomb stone.

(I though about this and I feel like it be a way of me putting my first old story to rest lol if that makes sense)

And do u wanna know why this came to me!!!!
First off I was watching the channel ID all day today and was watching one episode of a series called fear the neighbor, and in this particular episode this old guy was killing this one guy with a gun then when he ran out of bullets! He then bashed his gun into the wounded man the used a cement block instead over and over like geez talk about over kill
Surprising the man was alive for a bit before sercoming to death

Abd the second reson was becuz in this one anime Scene I found on youtube
I watched these kids kill a innocent puppy to death just to bully this one girl (the girl was taking care of the pup after school everyday)
Out of anger fear and sadness she kills them with some physic power with out having to touch them
I was like holy sh** and wanted to cry over the non existing puppy

That's when everything clicked and I though about my tragic story
I wanna cry about it but at the sane time i just wanna do it but I want U guys oppinion

Plzs give me advise
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SasonyaWolf's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello it's nice to meet you!thank you for visiting my page :D yr welcome to thank me for llamas/favs/watch if wanted
comments dont bother me :)
just to let you know yes i except commissions, trades, and request if you want more info check here. plzs and thank you ^w^
But some info on me,
I'm A graduated high schooler who's still working and trying to figure out her life, not much to say there
But I'm just an average 20 year old girl who loves dogs, wolfs, foxes, coyotes and any other kind of ancient relative of the dog!! <3
I also adore cats and I'm obsessed over anime (i have no shame in it)
if intrested i will also list all the animes I've seen; just check out my journal and u can find it there!
I also like to ship guy character from they animes i love
my top ships are: puzzleshipping- thiefshipping- originalshipping/palletshipping-SoRiku-SasuNaru & KilluaGon
like they anime trash that i am i also love to role play so dont be shy if you wanna RP with me, you'd actually make me really happy if u did!!!!!! just know i dont do smut rps, anything else other then that (kissing and hugging and sleeping togther, just the innocent type of rp if its going to be romantic) thank u but yes i love gore though lol
But anyway thats all i have to say about my self! other then plzs comment and tell me what you think of my art as my goal for this new year is to improve and get better with my art style
or you can just simply say hello as I love visitors ;3
Believe me when I say I don't bite I'm way to innocent for my own good to cause any harm XD
but just so you know I love to draw any kind of dog like creatures, small cats and dragon creatures, rabbits are also on my list for one of the many things but basically I will draw any animal if requested just not humans working on it in secret XD but the main thing I do are k-9/wolfs mostly in sad/gore art because tears and blood are fun to do
im not crazy i just like the cause and feelings of feels :D yay


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will you plzs donate to my account and help me get a core membership
it would mean a lot
for anyone who donates i will watch and hand out Llamas
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